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Your menu items include, Sake Nigiri, Tamago Nigiri, Unagi Nigiri, California Temaki, Tekkamaki, Maguro Nigiri, Ebi, Ikura Gunkan, and Tempura Maki.

Game Play

Conveyor belt full of delightful dishes endlessly flowing toward you, snatch them all up or lose your place at the counter! Hit the first, lower two circles to get the morsels quick but if you miss you have another chance to eat the sushi before the other patrons steal it by tapping the second, upper buttons. Miss ten in a row and get a game over. Just watch out for the Speed Up and Let It Roll clouds! Speed Up makes the belt move faster and Let It Roll adds more sushi density.

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Play SushiMI

SushiMi has many different edible sushi's and you can be either an Onigiri (Rice Ball), California Roll (Classic), or an Unagi (Eel). Modeled in high fidelity 3D, these characters and their mobile hands give you a sense of being right there eating sushi as well!

What is a SushiMi ?

SushiMi is a fast paced sushi-grabbing-go-round arcade game that gets faster and faster with more and more sushi, can you eat them all? Sushi, delicious morsels of rice, fish, and vegetables, now brought to you in true Japanese style, fast and in an innovative way, on a conveyor belt! Your Onigiri, California Roll, or Unagi characters need a lot of sushi to fill up. So grab as many sushi plates as possible, just ignore the looks you get from the other patrons. Modeled after the popular kaiten-zushi or conveyor belt sushi restaurants in japan, your delicate and delicious meals are flying down the belt just waiting for you to gobble them up first. Miss too many and you lose! All aboard the Sushi Train!

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and more...


Compete to the belly full for the highest sushi score!

Various Platforms

iSO? PC? Android? Windows? We've got a SushiMi for you!

Sushi Share!

Share your high scores with friends and family. Just don't be too sushi competitive, there is plenty more!


Buy now!

Purchase SushiMi and don't miss out on trunk tons of nine different types of sushi. Only 1 dollar for SushiMi and it will pay off in rice-spades and hours of food eating fun.

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